Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking a break to blog

Well i am currently surrounded by a pile of books...literally! I am sitting on the floor with books ALL around me!! It is scary and yet strangely comforting...

I am currently in the process of detailing my mini-literature review of the book sources I have chosen and will be tackling the
online journal and article sources tomorrow or Friday. I must say, while this proposal can be difficult at times, the hardest part for me is using APA formatting. I know...weird right??

I think it stems from my undergrad. I never liked the imbedded citations and once I was a history major, we were not to use APA style, but rather Chicago or MLA. Once I began using footnotes, I was hooked! I like the way my paper looks with footnotes, I like writing footnotes, I like how clean and easy to read the paper is, but alas!

I have to keep stopping myself from entering footnotes when I am writing this proposal, and write the works cited in their proper format...

*sigh* anyone else feel the same way??? or is simply exclusive to me?

Happy December 1st!!


"I have CDO: It's like OCD...only the letters are in alphabetical order they should be!"


  1. HA! Me too, I hate embedded citations they break up the flow!
    You know you can still put in explanatory footnote, I do that all the time. Perfect place to put all those little details you think are important but don't necessarily fit in the paragraph you're writing

  2. really?? I thought APA style discourages footnotes...Alisha, you made my day!!

  3. Footnotes for citation yes, but explanatory footnotes, as far as I can tell, are left up to your own personal style of explanation. Besides I've been doing it all year and no one has complained.