Monday, October 18, 2010


I found it quite interesting, as I wrote my proposal this week, yet very difficult to propose a research question. As I was writing my paper I was tempted (and partly hoping) that I could just elaborate on my ideas into writing the full research paper instead of just writing a brief summary. Although I know that not everything is set in stone, there was this pressure to get the thesis idea right the first time.

An issue that Shawn previously posted about raised the dilemma of categorization of our proposals and the difficulty of writing about something that we not yet have started (i.e. in her case in the methodology section). This is something that I was similarly struggling with. How can you propose something if you have not fully researched your thesis extensively (as you would when your writing the research paper). As well, it seemed as if the stress associated with this proposal seems to resemble the emotions that I will be feeling with the final research assignment (maybe experiencing a déjà vu for when I will be writing the final paper?). Nevertheless, Ive given my thesis plenty of thought yet will this [my effort] ever be enough?

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  1. I was struggling with that problem as well. But what I kept reminding myself was that if I start my research and realize that what I thought was true but isn't I have still learnt something.
    I can take that knowledge and use it to alter my thesis.

    Maybe the new knowledge you obtain will open your eyes to other problems or concerns you've never noticed before?