Sunday, October 17, 2010


As I worked on my proposal last week and this weekend I was reminded that I am the most indecisive person ever. Once I’ve decided what I want to research, the rest will go fairly smoothly, but actually nailing down a topic, is almost always the toughest part for me. Anytime I’ve had to do an extensive research project this has been the case--whether I have too many ideas or no ideas at all--it always proves difficult to pick a topic. I find it tough to figure out if I’m looking too broadly, too specifically or researching something that isn’t going to lead anywhere.

This time around, not only was it picking a topic, but like some others have mentioned, but talking about my proposed methods. While I know these aren’t set in stone, having to write them down makes me feel much more nervous about it. It’s tough to know if you’re picking the “right” methods. And for some reason, writing it down makes everything seem much more final.

Of course I did finally narrow things down, but the process of doing so, as usual proved difficult.

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