Thursday, September 23, 2010

Am I in the frame?

In chapter 4 of Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences, Luker talks about framing your research question so that it fits somewhere - so that it belongs to some aspect of the world of social science.

I think 'framing your work' is Luker's way of asking you 'Who's going to care?' And that, essentially, is my biggest worry. My entire life I've had to deal with animatedly discussing a topic I find interesting, looking around the dinner table and seeing glazed over eyes staring at me with deep disinterest.

I have a lot of 'research interest', as Luker calls it, but I'm always stopped short when I ask myself "Who's going to care?"

Because of my background in business and computers a lot of my research interest revolves around those subjects. I’m definitely going to take Luker’s advice and do some anthropological fieldwork. I’ll look at journals that house papers that I find interesting and study how those authors/researchers frame their questions to fit.

Maybe I’ll even be inspired to narrow my research interest into a research question.

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