Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Master of Information or Master of Duo Talents?

One of the main ideas that Luker is attempting to continuously present in her book is that out research focus must be narrow. The examples of previous SSHRC proposals demonstrate this—The students who wrote them might have also read Luker’s book for advice!
Although all the samples range in topic choice, all SSHRCs are presented in a clear manner with their thesis apparent. Taking Luker’s advice, these students acted as salespeople in order to try to sell their work, rather than being concerned with the “who is going to care”. Personally, most of these topics to me were uninteresting, specifically the SSHRC about the cyborg. However, I was still intrigued by the importance of this research and how it will affect society. These examples emphasizes then the importance of being a Masters Student with research and sales talents!

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  1. That sounds problematic to me. "Sell the work and don't be concerned with the who is going to care."
    That's like a an ad developer making a commercial without knowing the target market.

    I understand your point but I can't get the fear of creating the wrong frame out of my mind.