Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Big Idea

I think the hardest part of having "an idea" is when you're trying to figure out what specific part of it has you so enchanted. I've been trying to work through a topic that completely struck me last weekend, and while the exercises help... I still fear this topic fails to address the very question Varsha is struggling with. Who will care? For me-- oh, I can name a very specific subset of people who will be interested solely based on the topic, and another few from the field who might be interested based on the theme. For everyone else (namely the people who might give money for the study of such a thing)... well. There I am stuck. Why should they care? And what if, in carefully structuring my question such that I can "make it relevant" to them, I actually manage to lose that little sparkle that made the topic fascinate me in the first place?
So far this issue is unresolved in my mind... more writing exercises will hopefully clarify this point. Ahh, stream-of-consciousness writing. My English teachers hated me for it in junior school; who knew it would be so useful now.

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