Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello everyone! While I’ve never blogged before, I do tend to write down my thoughts as I research, so I think this process will be useful so I can get some feedback on my thoughts during this course.

I want to begin by calling attention to something that caught my attention in the reading. While reading the first chapters of Salsa Dancing into the Social Sciences, I was struck by Luker’s statement that “approaching our kind of social research as if it were an orderly and linear process will make you crazy” (11). When doing research during my undergraduate career, I had always thought of the research I was doing as orderly and linear, but reading these opening chapters is helping me to see another side of research. This quotation is one that I’m going to keep in mind throughout the course and beyond, as a helpful reminder that research isn’t always orderly and to keep myself from getting caught up in trying to make it that way.

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