Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Knight’s Chapter 7 provides useful advice for issues that can arise when performing research. These he categorized into three areas; pragmatics, data collection and disclosure. Within each case, Knight addresses situations and incidents that I wouldn’t have even considered possible to occur. Simple things like bringing spare batteries are often overlooked. Therefore, Knight raises the importance of always planning ahead and attempting to consider and prepare for situations from all perspectives.

In addition, I found his 9 responses to mishaps of great use (p. 162). Often, if caught off guard and not planning for every situation, researchers (especially those lacking experience) may fail to solve problems (on the spot) that arise. Nevertheless, in his 4th solution, “an intervention is compromised,” links appear to exist with our per review assignment. We were required to spot the issues with research papers (Yes it seems to be normal that papers can’t be perfect). Researchers may fret that if variables are accidentally not controlled all their work fails. However, such papers are necessary to spark ideas and further knowledge in a particular field of study. We learn from the past and our (or others) mistakes. Overall, Knight seems to instil the notion that ‘practice makes perfect’. For us (or anyone) to become a good researcher, we need to gain experience to be diligent and thoughtful of all issues that may arise when performing research.

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