Sunday, November 28, 2010

Once again ...

I think my thoughts about this past week's readings are similar to what a few of you have posted about. In reading Knight Ch. 5 this sentence immediately popped up: "This chapter reinstates the concern with mindfulness and gives guidance on putting methods together to design a study that is fit for the research purpose." (114). I must admit that I was so happy to read this as I frantically try to piece together my research proposal. I think one of my biggest obstacles is that I am not really doing this project. If I was I would be constantly thinking about it, and ideas would be popping up all over the place. Instead, I only tend to think about it when I sit down purposely to work on the proposal. When i do try to work on it (especially my exact methodology which will never actually happen) I feel overwhelmed. Knight's summary of research methods is no nonesense, to-the-point and helpful ... just what I needed!

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