Monday, November 15, 2010

Ruminations Part 1

Thinking on my research project, proposal, thing?, again and trying to puzzle a few things out in my head. The most pressing being that how do I make my researchy thing valid, do I even have to bother with that? Maybe not, but I’m thinking about it none the less since the whole issue of validity and truthiness keeps coming up. In my mind my project is as valid and truthy as possible because of the resources I intend to use and the research I intend to propose. I’ve expounded before on how I don’t really believe in an objective truth yet I find myself thinking in those absolutes and I can’t help thinking that I might be leading myself into a trap. They say good research is being able to think objectively where you fall short, or where people can poke big holes in your arguments yet I’m finding it hard keeping that in mind. Admittedly even the best research will fall under the knife of criticism for something, that seems to be rather the point after all, but in order to be considered good you have to think about these things ahead of time. So this is me trying to think about those things but not getting where I want to be. Of course at this point it might be more prudent to hash out my plan of attack, so to speak, before I start thinking about its weaknesses but whatever.

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