Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ruminations Part 2

I found this week’s guest speaker (who’s name I now regretfully forget) to be extremely helpful in clarifying my thinking and giving me some not previously even considered information, when it comes to the interviews I plan to propose. I had already decided to talk/interview a selection of “experts” or as he referred to “elite interviews” but I hadn’t even considered that they too would have a set of rules and guidelines that you were expected to follow. I had simply assumed that because they would be interviews with professionals, who were over the age of majority and not in a vulnerable group, that there wouldn’t be any guidelines when dealing with them other than the obvious disclosure of what I was doing and that I’d like to interview them with regard to my research.

I have also been thinking about my subject matter, what kind of reactions will my line of questioning provoke. Admittedly my topic is, probably, not capable of triggering a violent or extreme emotional reaction I do recognise that my topic has the potential for making people a bit hot under the collar. Although in my case, I think it might end up being beneficial to my paper but I suppose I’ll have to see.

I also started to think about doing peer or unelite interviews, I had originally wanted to do a snowball effect method but I think because I am looking for opinions and experience this might not be that effective since it won’t be a random enough sample. Meaning that if I rely on a word of mouth recruitment I might only be getting a sample from one pool in which they all might have similar opinions or opinions so I’m going to have to rethinking how I’m going to get my sample. Or maybe I might not suggest doing a random sample opinion poll I don’t know. I need to think about it more.

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